Grants Provided by the Government and Private Foundations to Help in Settling Personal Bills

Covid-19 brought changes to how people lived. Many have had to go through numerous challenges because they experienced disruptions in their businesses and jobs. If you are struggling to pay bills, you can apply for several personal grants provided by the government and private entities.

The government and private foundations offer grants for unemployed Americans, disabled, single mothers, and low-income earning households. You can use the funding to pay rent, purchase a new car, pay for housing, transportation costs, and medical supplies, among others. You may also get emergency hardship funding for individuals who need to start a business or pay for job training programs.

People get such grants to pay their bills or cater to their other needs. If you plan to apply for personal grants from the government or private establishment, ensure to find out which you qualify before spending your time and resources on the challenging procedure.

Additionally, understand how to make such applications to avoid wasting your time and cash doing the wrong thing. You can apply for as many grants as you wish because you may not know whichever you'll qualify for. The following are some of the personal grants you may consider applying for.

1. Grants to Pay Gasoline Expenses and Purchase Automobiles

You can find government agencies or private institutions that provide low-income households, the disabled, or seniors with funds to pay for gasoline for things such as attending job training, attending education matters, and such others. You may also find foundations that provide struggling families with low-interest loans to purchase cars or free vehicles.

In addition, the government offers small-dollar personal grants for the payment of vehicles to low-income applicants in need of transportation to their workplaces. The funds may be available in designated community agencies or not-for-profit organizations. Research the best place to apply for such grants in your state and follow the expected application process.

2. Government Hardship Grants

The government provides hardship grants through various states. Applicants should use the funds to pay debts and bills. Most of these grants are availed to low-income households. However, moderate-earners may also apply since some states consider them too. Find out the hardship grants provided by the government through different state organizations and choose those that you are eligible to apply.

3. Grants for Paying Bills Provided by Charitable Organizations

Various charitable organizations fund low-income earning applicants facing financial challenges. You can use the funds to settle energy bills, among many others. Research the charitable entities that provide such grants and choose those to apply.

4. Free Personal Grant Funding

Several funding programs are created to purchase new homes, cars, renovate and improve homes, pay debts and bills, and much more. Such financial aids are provided to the elderly, low-income earners, single moms, and mentally unstable individuals. You may also apply for grants from funding unions to pay rent, mortgage fees, and other daily needs. Such grants are given to people facing financial problems due to work-related issues. If your company workers are on strike, you may apply for these grants to pay your bills when you may not receive your salary.

5. Disability Benefits

The government provides funding and hardship grants for people living with disabilities through the Social Security Administration. The program sets some funds aside to assist people who apply for disability compensation at a time in their lifetime. Applicants can use the funds to cater for medical expenses or solve financial hardships.

You may also apply for other government grant programs that cater to various needs. Low-income earners struggling with mental or physical disabilities can receive emergency or long-term financing from the government to cater to their needs.

6. Bills to Pay Utility Bills

Many utility firms provide emergency financial aid and crisis grants to financially challenged customers. They help struggling customers keep their electricity and heat on. Most such companies choose local charitable organizations or non-profit agencies to run the grant programs. Often, state agencies, non-profits, or utility firms give the grants.

Applicants should be low to moderate-income earning customers. There are different programs available, and hence you should check out those you qualify for before applying.

Final Thoughts

There are different government and private entities availed for diverse people. The funds can help low-income earning individuals such as single mothers, unemployed, men, and women. The government also provides grants for people facing financial challenges and those looking to cater to personal, business, or household needs. Before applying for any of the above grants, it is essential to understand their requirements. Therefore, only apply for grants that you qualify to increase your chances of getting the funding.

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