What You Need to Have Before Hiring a Grant Writer to Prepare Your Application

Applying for grant funding may be challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You will need more than just filling out the application forms for the process to be complete. Hence, check that you have all that the granters need before embarking on the process. You will also need to hire an expert to prepare the grant proposal for you.

The professional will check that you have all the requirements before filling out the forms and submitting the proposal within the proper time frame. The grant writer you choose should have knowledge and experience in writing an attractive grant proposal to improve the chances of getting the funding. Hence, the following are the requirements you should meet before engaging an expert grant writer to prepare the proposal for you.

Put Together a Few Years' Expenditure Records

You must provide a few years' details of your finances when applying for grants. Most funders request applicants to present proper accounting records that indicate their organization's expenditure for the last few years. Therefore, ensure that your organization's accounting is in order before choosing the right professional to write the grant proposal for you.

Check that your accounting system is also accurate and easy to understand. That will enable the grant writer to have an easy time during the writing of the application. Besides, the grant expert will only use the information you submit to prepare the proposal you need. Hence, ensure that all the required data avoids unnecessary delays and that the grant writer prepares a perfect submission.

You Should Have Records to Proof Your Firm's Accountability

You need to provide detailed financial records for your organization and evidence showing that you can account for all the funds it has received in the past. The information will enable the granter to see your organization's financial stability. The funder will also use the records to understand that you can manage the amount of money you need.

The financial plans and previous records you present to the funder will allow the funding organization to have confidence in providing you with the much-needed funds. Therefore, ensure that you have all your organization's financial information before hiring an expert to prepare your grant application.

Have All the Copies of Any Previous Grant Applications

Suppose this is not the first time you can apply for grant funding, put together all the copies you used for your previous proposals and present them to the writer. The writer would need the information presented in those application forms even if you failed. They will check to know the kind of work your firm does and its different projects. The grant writer will also use the information in the winning proposals to fill out the proposals to have a higher chance of winning. They will check your mistakes in the unsuccessful proposals and avoid repeating them in the current application.

Have a Skilled Person to Manage Your Accounts

Your organization should have an accounting manager. You might either hire an accountant or contract a financial expert to prepare the necessary records and accounts. And since each funder provides finances for specific projects, the accounting manager will check that all the finances are spent within the application and the indicated period. They will also prepare and present the required periodic financial reports to the funding organization to prove how your firm spent the finances given.

Have an Employee to Help the Grant Writer with Some Work

The grant application process requires time because many documents need to be attached after filling out the forms. Therefore, the professional grant writer you engage should get someone to assist them in gathering all the required documents and information for the grant writing process to be completed within the proper time frame.

Hence, always ensure an employee assists the grant writer before contracting them for the job. The worker will work closely with the expert to make things easier to complete the application process. With that, you'll be sure that the grant writer will fill out the proposal, attach all the needed documents and submit the proposal within the required period.

The Bottom Line

If you want to apply for any grant funding, you should hire an expert to write the proposal for you. But before then, ensure to have all the required information and documents before engaging the grant writer. With that, you'll be sure that the professional will fill out the proposal correctly and submit it in time.

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